Friday, April 30, 2010

I Love Crias

Crias are so great. I just love to watch crias as they discover alpaca life. They usually run everywhere; they are so excited to discover what's up with the world. We had three crias this past Fall and they are such good buddies. They love hanging out together and comparing notes about their moms, the other alpacas, and just life in general.

This is a picture of Emily when she was about a week old. She and another cria are soaking in some sun.

Emily is the cria on the left.

Our three crias that were born in September/October are shown below sharing some dinner conversation. Nox is on the left, Dulcinea in the middle, and Jack on the right.

Below is a picture of Wailea on the day she was born. It was a little cool that evening so we quick put a cria coat on her right after this picture was taken.

Shabazz is shown in the picture above with his mom, Sakura, on the day he was born. Mom's just making sure everything's going okay.

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  1. They are so adorable. I'd really like to have a mini alpaca as a pet :)