Sunday, November 7, 2010

Have You Ever Wondered . . .

what happens to a cinnamon roll when you vacuum pack it?

Hubby has a new toy. A vacuum packer.

It's been useful in putting up our yearly supply of green chile, putting up some left-over spaghetti sauce made with tomatoes from the garden, etc.

Yesterday hubby expressed a yearning for cinnamon rolls.

"I'll make us some for breakfast tomorrow," I said.

And so I did. Or rather I let the bread machine mix up the dough and then did the finishing touches (rolled out the dough, put butter, cinnamon, and sugar in the center, rolled the dough up and cut it into pieces, let the pieces rise, and then baked the rolls).

They were beautiful when they came out of the oven last night . . .

All they needed was some frosting and nuts. Yum!

But the plan was to have them for breakfast this morning. So I was packing them up into a container to put in the refridgerator.

"Should we vacuum pack them?" hubby asked.

"Um, I think vacuum packing would pretty much flatten the cinnamon rolls," I said.

He was looking at the vacuum packer longingly. I could tell he REALLY wanted to try it out. "Okay, we can try one," I said.

The word "pancake" comes to mind.

So now you know. Don't try this trick at home, kids.