Sunday, October 31, 2010

The 25 Year Quilt

I have been working on a candlewicking quilt for 25 years (not continuously). I now have terrific motivation for finishing the quilt because my nephew has gotten married and I think it would be the perfect wedding present for him and his new bride.

I started it when I was living in Knoxville, TN, working for Martin Marietta Energy Systems, and also working on my advanced degree at University of Tennessee. It was my sanity project. There is nothing quite so zen (and mindless) as making french knot after french knot and sometimes you just need that. This quilt (in all its pieces) has followed me across the country and I've finally, FINALLY, finished all the candlewicking required so that the pieces are ready for assembly.

There are 18 stenciled squares and 17 unstenciled squares for a total of 35 squares.

The stenciled squares have 4 small hearts (one in each corner) with 34 french knots each (total of 136 knots/square).

Additionally, there are 8 stenciled flowers on each stenciled square with 50 french knots each (total of 400 knots/square). There are also 8 leaf bundles on each stenciled square with 50 french knots each (total of 400 knots/square).

One large heart in the center of the stenciled squares has 43 french knots/square.

So for each stenciled square there is a total of 136 + 400 + 400 + 43 = 979 french knots. For 18 stenciled squares that's 17622 french knots.

The unstenciled squares have the same features: 4 small hearts in the corners (34 french knots each for total of 136 knots/square), 8 flowers (but with 55 french knots per flower - 440 knots/square), 8 leaf bundles (40 french knots/leaf bundle - 320 knots/square), and one large heart in the center (64 french knots/square). For each unstenciled square there is a total of 136 + 440 + 320 + 64 = 960 french knots. For 17 unstenciled squares that's 16320 french knots.

For the entire quilt I have made 17622 + 16320 = 33942 french knots.

No wonder it's taken 25 years!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Chili Roasting

One of the things I love best about fall is roasting and putting up green chili for the winter. This weekend we bought a bushel of Socorro green chili, had it roasted, peeled it, and packaged it up for the freezer. Ah, the smell! It's so yummy. Here's some of the pods that are ready for peeling:

Here's some of the roasted pods next to the peeled pods. We peel, split, and rinse the majority of the pods for use on sandwiches and in omelettes. A few of these get "sampled" as the peeling process continues (well, you've got to keep your strength up!).

But some of the pods stay intact for use as rellenos. Here's a roasted pod before it is peeled and the peeled pod (ready to be a relleno)! Yum! Ready to be stuffed with cheese, breaded, and fried. Breakfast of Champions!