Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shearing 2011

Shearing happened this year on the third of June and everything went well! Shearing is always fun (except for the inevitable alpaca spit) and this year was no exception. Here's a picture of the boys milling about before we got the shearing started.

And here's a picture of a few of the girls pre-shearing.

Valentina needs her bangs cut big time!

Scott, the Alpaca Shearer, did the shearing this year. He always does a great job.

The horses were watching us closely. "You better not even THINK about shearing me."

After everybody got sheared, the girls lined up to be sprayed with the hose. Ahhh!

And Chance (the horse) came by to see if DH could spare any of his apple.

Well, it's off to start spinning the fleece!!