Monday, April 26, 2010

Featured Alpaca of the Week: Sakura

I'd like to introduce you to Sakura. What a sweet lady Sakura is. And the best alpaca mom you'll ever find. She just loves being a mom! And it's so easy for her, too. She is incredibly patient and extremely strong and healthy. I've always liked Sakura's "Beatles" forelock.

Sakura has had four cria; Shabazz, Emily, Shazamm, and Dulcinea. Each cria's birth has been easy as pie - in fact, with Sakura it's always been you look out and there's a new cria in the field nursing! No muss, no fuss. And she just looks at you like, "What are you getting all excited about?"

Here's a picture of Emily and Sakura a week after Emily was born.

Sakura's fleece is buttery soft with a micron count of 25. I've got about 8 lbs of it that I'm in the process of skirting. I can hardly wait to see the resulting yarn! It's very dense fleece and will be absolutely dreamy blended with merino and silk.

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