Monday, September 6, 2010

Sakura's Fleece

This is Sakura.

I've been working for the past month on skirting and cleaning a couple of her fleeces.

So I've gotten about 2 lbs of the fleece skirted, washed, and dried. This weekend I finally got around to carding 1/2 lb of it with 1/2 lb of Paradise Fibers Sky merino/silk.



I've gotten 1 oz spun up so far . . .

Do I really have to go to work tomorow???? :(


  1. Maybe we should have taken today off and just spun :) Wow that blue mixed with her fleece is so amazing. Shinny and such a great color!

  2. So pretty - both the paca and the yarn! I'm so impressed - my fleece has been sitting in the boxes for the last six months.