Sunday, May 23, 2010


Well the shearing for this year was last weekend and EVERYTHING went very smoothly. 23 alpacas got sheared. Jared Livingston did the shearing this year and he did a GREAT job! Here's a picture of some of the girls the day before the shearing.

Here's Shabazz right before he got sheared. Doug is bringing him into the shearing area.

Doug and Jared are laying Shabazz down to get him into the restraints so Jared can shear him.

Jared works on Shabazz's legs while Tim holds Shabazz's head.

I got to bag up all the fleece as Jared was shearing.

Jared works on Teebo's blanket.

Teebo got a "mohawk."

Doug is releasing the block and tackle so Teebo can get up and go roll in the dirt in the field after his first shearing experience.

Now the alpacas can start growing more fleece for next year's shearing!

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  1. LOL - they look so cute when they are being sheared. How many pounds of fleece did you get?

  2. It looks like Jared did a better job on your pacas than he did on mine. I was pretty disappointed in the job that he did.

    Colorslut is right - they look ADORABLE!